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Heckerty’s Halloween – New App and Book


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Deep in the heart of Scottsdale there’s magic afoot! And if you listen carefully, you might even hear a cauldron bubbling.

That’s because Scottsdale is the headquarters of Broomstick Productions where the award-winning Heckerty series of children’s learning apps, paperback and eBooks lives. Heckerty, the heroine of the stories, is a beloved, gentle, bumbling green-faced witch – and her adventures are based on a proven, successful series of children’s stories, originally created and brought to life by one of Britain’s most internationally successful storytellers.

Each Heckerty story helps children (and adults) improve their English reading and vocabulary through rich interactive animation (in the apps) and magical illustrations that kids love.  As they play, children discover important life values. The apps allow readers to choose between six languages (simplified or traditional Chinese, Spanish, French and German as well as English), making them a wonderful ESL tool as well

It just so happens that Halloween is Heckerty’s birthday! To celebrate, she’s releasing her sixth story app — Heckerty’s Halloween — today!

The story begins with Heckerty defying her cat Zanzibar’s attempts to persuade her to spend the birthday flying around on her broomstick, as she does every year. But Heckerty just doesn’t feel like it.  When costumed “trick or treaters” turn up at her cave door, Heckerty and Zanz become quite scared. That is, until they open the door and meet the kids face-to-face.

Like Heckerty and Zanzibar, kids learn how scary things often aren’t really scary at all. And that fears can be conquered without hurting or harming others — especially if they have a good friend like Zanzibar! We invite you to download the free learning app here and enter Heckerty’s world of fun:

We also invite you to meet the voice of the zany, 409-year-old, upside-down-on-her-broomstick, Scottsdale witch that people are calling the “Harry Potter for Younger Children.”

Would you be interested in an interview with her?

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Heckerty’s Halloween Hacks – Day 22 – Crashed Witch

Make crashed witch in school

  • Choose a place to nail the witch, a wall, a door, a tree or a pole.

Begin to make your witch!

  • First you need legs, and a pair of striped tights or long socks work great!


  • Stuff the feet with paper or old fabric and
  • insert two pieces of wood of equal length.
  • Add shoes. Preferably laced shoes so you can tie them tightly to the ankles.
  • Make sure your legs are of equal length – then nail them to the tree.
  • Using a pair of rubber gloves, stuff the fingers to make the hands look realistic.
  • Then attach them to two more lengths of wood, using rubber bands.
  • Insert the wood with the hands attached into the sleeves of a shirt or sweatshirt
    • best to do it wood stick first from the wrist to the back with the hand going into the sleeve last.
  • Nail the “arms” to the tree.

Crashed Witch Legs and Arms


  • We added a cape but you can use a black trash bag for her cloak.
  • Above that attach a wig or lengths of yarn for her hair.
  • And on top of that – nail a black witch’s hat to the tree.
  • Finally – attach a broom to the back of the witch.
    •   You can find brooms cheaply at craft stores and in some supermarkets

crashed witch1

And there you have it – a crashed witch.

Viewed from either the back or front, it’s very funny.

Tomorrow – a wonderful wizard ornament!