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Concentration? Snap? Heckerty’s New Game!

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Today in Dallas,  Zanzibar and I released our first game, Heckerty’s Concentration & Snap at Jeff Hayzlett’s C-Suite conference It reminds of when used to play this game when I was a young witchkin, over 400 years ago. A digital version is coming soon — but in case you’ve forgotten how to play – here’s a description of the two games and the rules to play them – both help improve memory and reflexes (and are a lot of fun!!)


Heckerty’s Concentration:

Win by collecting as many matching pairs of cards as possible. You can have as many players as you want – you can use all the cards or use only your favorite cards to keep the game easier for younger kids.

Get the rules for Heckerty’s Concentration.


Heckerty’s Snap:

Win by collecting all the cards in the game. You can have as many players as you want.


Show me the rules for Heckerty’s Snap.