Love From Heckerty

Dancing with the stars … and fireflies!

“Brrrr” I said to Zanzibar, my cat and I shivered. Here in Spellbound, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. The leaves haven’t started to change yet but there’s a slight chill in the air at night and in the early mornings. That only means one thing: Fall is coming!

It was cool last night. The fireflies were out and providing a beautiful glow outside my cave. They were dancing in the bushes and I got so excited that I decided to dance too. Not just any dance. I do the Jitter Bug. I’m not really sure that I know how to do the Jitter Bug properly, but it’s a dance with the word “bug” in it! How can you not love that?

“Come on Zanz!” I shouted. “Let’s dance!”


So by the light of the fireflies we danced.

And danced.

Suddenly, I saw something dark next to me.

“Ooooh! What is that?” I asked, trying hard not to sound worried.

“It’s Stickles and Hairy,” said Zanz. “They’ve come to dance too!”

“I didn’t know Hedgehogs could dance,” I said. Stickles the hedgehog is my friend. He lives in my cave.

“Oh, we’ve been dancing for months,” said Stickles as he expertly whirled his companion round. “We started with the waltz and next we’re taking tango lessons! We do this all the time! And you should see the mice at a barn dance!”

“Who’s your partner?” I said feeling slightly dizzy as Zanzibar tried to spin me too.

“You mean you don’t recognize your own hairbrush?” Stickles laughed. “Oh Heckerty, you never use your hairbrush! So of course you wouldn’t recognize it! This is Hairy, your hairbrush!”

I took a closer look and realized Stickles was indeed dancing with my hairbrush!


“How did you meet?” I asked.

“My eyesight is terrible. So at first glance I thought your hairbrush was another hedgehog,” said Stickles. “I fell in love with her. I love to dance so much and she makes the perfect dance partner!”

Who knew?

And we danced and danced until the sun came up!

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