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Heckerty’s Cupcake Mishap!

Oh my dear! Here it is the Fourth of July and I thought that a wonderful idea would be to make cupcakes with happy little faces for all my friends. DRATTED TADPOLES!! Nothing went right. The topping went everywhere and my orange coat now has white splodges on it – although  I must admit they taste very nice. And then the blueberries and the raspberries all ran as they melted. And my decorated cupcake turned out like this:


Worse than that – I actually iced the cupcake upside down!  Even Zanzibar wouldn’t touch it – and he’ll eat anything! Oh me, and I wanted to make wonderful Fourth of July cupcakes like these:



If at first you don’t succeed – and all that.

Back to the cauldron to try again.

Don’t forget, my next app is a cooking story – maybe next year the cupcakes will turn out better!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!



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