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Heckerty’s Halloween Hacks – Day 15 Rubber Band Jewelry

Rubber Band Jewelry in Orange and Black

What you need:

Loom or substitute with an adapted plastic fork

Orange rubber bands

Black rubber bands

If you have a rainbow loom, you can make the bracelet with it.

If you don’t have one – here is a quick and easy way to make one!

You need a plastic fork.

A simple plastic fork makes Rubber Band Jewelry

Rubber Band Jewelry from a simple plastic fork

Remove the middle two tines

Rubber Band Jewelry from a simple plastic fork

Rubber band jewelry – make a figure 8 with the first band and then add two more bands without twists.

Take the first rubber band and make a figure 8 putting one of the circles of the twisted rubber band over one tine and the other one over the second tine. Add two more rubber bands – bring one side of the bottom rubber band over the top of the tine – and do the same on the other side. Add another rubber band. Again – pull the bottom rubber band – one side at a time over the tines – add another rubber band. Continue until there’s enough to make a bracelet.

Easy to make Rubber Band Jewelry for Halloween

Rubber Band Jewelry – lift both sides of the bottom band into the middle, and add another band.

Use one of the c clips that came with the rubber bands to join the two ends together.

Other great Halloween combinations are orange and green,

orange and purple, and purple and black.

Rubber Band Jewelry - bracelets

Rubber Band Jewelry in orange and green

Rubber Band Jewelry a simple patterned necklace

Rubber Band Jewelry- make a necklace too


Tomorrow – download coloring pages!