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Heckerty’s Halloween Hacks – Day 23 – Halloween Wizard Ornament

Halloween Wizard Ornament 


What you need:

  • 3″ round plain glass tree ornament
  • flesh colored acrylic paint
  • sheet of blue foam
  • white yarn
  • thin wire for spectacles
  • white paint
  • black paint
  • yellow paint


How to do it:

Halloween Witch Ornament - Clear glass Christmas Ornament
Clear glass Christmas Ornament

  1. Pour some flesh colored acrylic paint into the ornament.
  2. Swirl it round until the inside of the ornament is completely covered in paint.


  • Set the ornament to dry with the top pointing down so that unused paint drips out.
  • When the ornament is dry inside, decorate it to look like a wizard.
  • Don’t forget some white paint around the mouth for a beard.
  • And then some wire for the eyeglasses.
  • Make a wizard’s hat from the blue foam.
  • Add yellow stars to the hat!
  • Glue lengths of white yarn to the bottom of the hat before you add it to the head!


Wizard Ornament

Wizard ornament with blue hat!

Congratulations – You’re done!!


But wait – there’s more.

Tomorrow we’ll make a black cat from a paper plate! Cool!!