Love From Heckerty

Ideas to Fall Asleep By

After the scene with the teddy bear – or rather without it – I was rather nervous about going to bed. I thought I needed the teddy and began to imagine I couldn’t sleep without it.

I’d spent the day creating all sorts of spells that I thought people would really like. Such as spells to grow feet on a Christmas tree so it could walk into the corner of the cave and not have to be dragged there and then stood up with everyone worrying that the base was too small and it would fall over. If a Christmas tree had feet, I thought, it could stand on them and then the problem would be solved. Just like that!

I always had ideas like that. Lots of them. So I lay in bed, trying to imagine that I could fall asleep without Teddy. I had no idea why all of a sudden Teddy’s disappearance was bothering me so much. It wasn’t as though I still slept with him on my bed. It had been over 400 years since I’d been a young witch, so I was used to growing up.

I ws still wondering whether or not I needed Teddy to fall asleep – when I fell asleep. I guess my question was answered!!

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