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Heckerty’s Valentine

Heckerty’s Valentine: New Kid’s App Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Young readers and pre-schoolers facing the stress of being popular on Valentine’s Day find a friend, and a plan, in the new mobile device app for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

(Scottsdale, AZ – February 12, 2015) – At a time when young readers and pre-schoolers are stressing over their Valentine popularity Heckerty’s Valentine, rides to the rescue It’s a heart-warming tale of how a lonely witch and her magical cat salvage Valentine’s Day for each other with creativity and lots of love.

The latest in the award winning Heckerty series of apps from Broomstick Productions is free for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, and is now available from the Apple, Amazon and Google app stores or Heckerty’s website. The print version is available on and the ebook will follow very shortly.

Heckerty’s Valentine joins the popular series of early reading apps that have earned rave reviews as well as a spot at or near the top of the educational apps lists on Google Play, iTunes, and Previous titles – Meet Heckerty, Heckerty Cook, Zanzibar’s Birthday, Heckerty’s Halloween, and Heckerty’s Christmas – have developed a large international following for Heckerty and her cat Zanzibar now with downloads in over 165 countries. Heckerty’s Valentine supports 15 languages.

Jan Ziff, CEO and co-founder of Broomstick Productions, also narrates the Heckerty stories in her BBC presenter’s voice. “When my mother told me these stories years ago, I fell in love with them, and now the technology is here so that children all over the world can share in Heckerty’s adventures,” Ziff says. “We kept the graphics and design of the apps simple, so that even the youngest children can take charge of how they interact with them. It also made it easier to translate the apps into printed books.”

Whether they enjoy the apps or the printed books, kids can get free coloring pages and an autographed personalized photo from Heckerty to print on a home printer. “Each story is designed to entertain and educate young readers. The vocabulary is rich, and the stories all have a message about the kind of positive values that are sometimes missing in mainstream media,” Ziff adds.

“For a lot of kids, Valentine’s Day is a stressful occasion where they worry about being popular, and getting or giving the right gifts. This starts at a very young age, and families who have read the book or downloaded early copies of the app tell us that children really enjoy the kind and gentle way that Heckerty and Zanzibar react when they are faced with a situation where Heckerty’s cousin Persnickety and her cat Angelica receive stacks of Valentine’s Day cards and gifts when none at all arrive for Heckerty and Zanzibar. How the two save the day for each other has children cheering by the end of the story.”

For more information about Heckerty’s Valentine, or to download the free app in time to surprise a child you love on Valentine’s Day, click here.


About Heckerty

The Heckerty books, apps, and eBooks are based on a proven, successful series of children stories, originally created and brought to life by one of Britain’s most internationally successful storytellers. Each Heckerty story helps children (and adults) improve their English reading and vocabulary through rich interactive animation and graphics that kids love – and as they play, children discover important life values. The apps allow readers to choose between several languages (including simplified or traditional Chinese, Spanish, French and German as well as English), so they are a wonderful ESL tool.

The Heckerty collection brings gentle, magically quirky British stories in the style of Winnie the Pooh, Beatrix Potter and Alice in Wonderland into the 21st century thanks to the talents of skilled actors, musicians, visual artists, technical wizards and production experts. The result is a unique blend of quality English storytelling merged with top 21st century technology and creative talent to create stories and activities your kids will love and play for hours on end!


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