Day 9 – Valentine Hearts and Arrow

Hearts and Arrow

Hearts and Arrow – this is probably our favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day – and it’s our most original. It also shows what can be done with very little preparation.

Hearts and Arrow

The Makings for Hearts and Arrow

  • red construction paper
  • pink construction paper
  • silver construction paper
  • red tape
  • skewers
  • heart ribbon
  • heart templates various sizes
  • single hole punch
  • Cut out lots and lots of hearts
  • Put on one side

Hearts and Arrow

Cut lots of hearts

  •  2 skewers
  • Bind them together with red tape
  • Cut a tip and tail from the red construction paper x2
  • Attach with glue to either side of the skewers

Hearts and Arrow

The arrow!

Hearts and Arrow

Now choose your hearts!

  • Return to the hearts you made earlier
  • With a hole punch make a hole in the top of the heart in the middle
  • Cut a length of ribbon 20″
  • Attach to either ends of the arrow
  • Cut several more lengths
  • String the hearts along them
  • Make sure to balance the weight
  • Hang the mobile and enjoy!

Hearts and Arrow

Hearts and Arrow – Balance is Important!

What’s so special about this mobile, is that each one comes out different. They are easy to make and so effective. And don’t limit them to Valentine’s Day! Birthdays, anniversaries – any time you want to say “I love you.”

Day 8 – You Have My Heart

You Have My Heart – A Banner for Your Military Loved One

Valentine’s Day can be really tough when someone you love is serving overseas, or on a base somewhere in the country. So Zanzibar and I decided to make a special banner with a yellow/gold heart to symbolize our missing loved ones. It’s easy to make – and we hope you like it!

What you need:

  • construction paper in shades of pink
  • scissors
  • heart templates (we used cookie cutters)
  • ribbon
  • hole punch

You Have My Heart

Construction paper hearts and ribbon.

  • Carefully cut out hearts.
  • We used gold construction paper for the big heart and shades of pink and silver construction paper for the smaller hearts.
  • Then we punched holes in the sides of the hearts and strung the ribbon through.

You Have My Heart

Simple, pretty and meaningful!

The big gold heart in the middle really stands out – and you can add someone’s name, or Mom, or Dad – whatever works for you!

And that’s all there is to it!!!