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Day 3 – Valentine Candy Jars

Valentine Candy Jars 

What would Valentine’s Day be without chocolate?
To celebrate and for a bit of fun – we designed a simple, pretty project. With a twist! Guess how many candies are in these jars (without going over) and you could win them both!


What you need:

  • 2 Mason Jars – clean and with lids
  • Valentine’s Candy – we used: pink and red Hershey kisses, sugary “sweetart” candy, pink, white and lilac M&Ms, and some crunchy heart-shaped candies.
  • Ribbon
  • Glittery heart stickers
  • Red or Dark Purple Sharpie

How to do it:

Valentine Candy Jars

Candies, a Mason Jar and Ribbon.

Take the two jars and fill them with candy being careful to count how many candies are in each jar.

Screw on the tops and decorate with ribbon, bows and glittery heart stickers.

Valentine Candy Jars

Decorate Your Lid

You can make several of these and give them as Valentine gifts, or you can have some fun asking people to guess how many candies are in the jars. The person with the nearest guess (that DOESN’T go over) wins the candy jars!

How To Win These Jars 

So go ahead – send in your guesses to [email protected] and let us know how many candies there are in total when you combine these two jars!

Valentine Candy Jars

Beautiful! Can you guess how many candies are in these two jars?