Love From Heckerty

Day 1 – Valentine Heart Bracelet

Valentine Heart Bracelet 

This is a very pretty bracelet which takes no time to make.
To get the same beads, you need to buy this kit from the Oriental Trading Company. It comes with all the beads and the stretchy cord.
But any heart shaped beads with a vertical hole for the cord will do. And don’t forget to buy the stretchy cord!


What you need:

  • Oriental Trading Company Kit or
  • 12 Heart-shaped beads about 1/2 inch long (1.5 cm)
  • Stretchy cord about 12 inches long (30 cms)

How to do it:

Valentine Heart Bracelet

Valentine Heart Bracelet Beads and Stretchy Cord

  • First, choose the beads you want to use and how many – depending on the size of the wrist you’re making it for.
  • Then lay out the pattern you want.
  • Using the stretchy cord string the beads in the order you chose.

  • When it’s done, tie a knot in the cord and repeat several times to get it as tight as you can.  You can also dab a little bit of glue on the knot.


Valentine Heart Bracelet

Valentine Heart Bracelet Completed

And you’re done!