Love From Heckerty

Where in the world is Cousin Magnolia?


I was sitting at home on Thursday reading about how to make delicious cookies when Cousin Magnolia dropped in. Literally. There we were, Zanzibar and me, sitting quietly and deciding if we were going to make my extra special Sugar Cookies when there was a huge crash and bang and down the chimney came Cousin Magnolia landing in a cloud of dust and soot on my very littered floor.

“Heckerty” she said as though not seeing me for 73 years was normal, “I thought I’d come for tea.”

Zanzibar and I looked at each other – obviously she’d been reading our thoughts and heard us talking about extra special Sugar Cookies. So I sat her down with a new book of Spells and Magic and Zanz and I hurried to the cauldron to make the cookies. Simple, I thought – and we made the mixture, rolled out the dough, cut the cookies and baked them. Then when they were cool we iced them too – such fun!!

But Cousin Magnolia couldn’t wait and she snatched a cookie straight from the cauldron. Dratted tadpoles, I muttered. Everyone knows that’s not a good idea. Warm cookies can give you terrible tummy ache, and worse.

I heard munching and crunching and Cousin Magnolia was obviously enjoying her cookie — but then silence. Zanzibar looked round and said “Very odd, she’s gone. And she didn’t say goodbye.” So I went to look.

Cousin Magnolia wasn’t anywhere to be found. Just her hat, broomstick and shoes were where she’d been standing.

Must have been something I put in the cookies… what do you think?


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