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In Heckerty Cook, Heckerty’s funny mistakes continue as she serves an unappetizing lunch of warmed-over lizard stew to her impeccably elegant cousin Persnickerty. After spitting out the disgusting food, Persnickerty decides that a healthier diet is needed.So she immediately takes Heckerty to the Cordon Black School of Cooking run by their cousin, Brewse. Heckerty is so used to bad food that she always carries a pot of pepper in her pocket to improve the taste.
And she’s about to secretly add some pepper to the food she’s cooking in the school’s cauldron when her faithful cat, Zanzibar, turns up and surprises her.Once again Heckerty is in the middle of a crisis, this one caused by the pepper and an added ingredient – Brewse’s pet, a fire-breathing dragon. 02-HC-00-icon_rotated_right


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