Heckerty’s Christmas



Heckerty and Zanzibar are planning a quiet Christmas at home when cousin Persnickerty suddenly sweeps in, announcing that she has a wonderful Christmas gift for Heckerty. It’s a full makeover and she’s taking Heckerty to the Spellbound Beauty Parlor immediately.

A reluctant Heckerty agrees and finds herself in a chair with all sorts of strange fairies and wizards flapping around her. Her naturally frizzy, curly hair is stretched and pulled until it looks just like Persnickerty’s.

And soon, Heckerty has a new hat, cloak and broomstick. In fact, she looks amazingly like Persnickerty! As Heckerty arrives home, feeling very unsure of the new look, her faithful Zanzibar takes one look, screams and runs away. A dejected Heckerty goes out and flies around to cheer herself up.

And that’s where the real story begins….


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