Zanzibar’s Birthday

Heckerty awakes to find an unhappy Zanzibar perched on the end of her bed. He’s very upset that Heckerty has forgotten his fifth birthday and isn’t having a party for him. And, of course, there’s an added complication — Zanzibar doesn’t have any friends to invite! Heckerty promises Zanz the best birthday party, and prepares a spell to create one.

But, being Heckerty, she doesn’t follow the spell to the letter and makes several substitutions.

Her birthday party spell is a disaster and almost blows up her cave. Knocked over and dazed by the exploding cauldron, Heckerty is rescued by Caterina the Caterer, who immediately takes over all the birthday party preparations.

Zanzibar will have a wonderful birthday party thinks Heckerty, and Caterina will make everything all come right.


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