Heckerty’s Valentine


It’s the day before Valentine’s Day, and Heckerty and Zanzibar have decided to visit their meticulously neat and tidy cousin, Persnickerty. She insists on showing Heckerty the mountain of Valentine cards she’s received, declaring herself the “most popular witch in Spellbound.” Even her snooty, spoiled cat, Angelica, has cards and presents.

Shocked to discover that they’d forgotten Valentine’s Day, Heckerty and Zanzibar immediately hurry home.

Zanzibar curls up in his bed, so sad and unhappy that Heckerty wonders what she can do to cheer him up.But Heckerty has misunderstood. Zanzibar is actually thinking about what he can do for her to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And then he has a brilliant idea … .


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