Meet us

Heckerty-bevel 96Wx96HHECKERTY is a 409 year-old, upside down on her broomstick, green-faced witch who lives in the magical land of Spellbound. She’s gentle, kind, lovable … and completely inept with her magic, which leads to zany adventures as she tries to fix whatever’s gone wildly wrong!

Zanzibar-bevel 96Wx96HZANZIBAR is Heckerty’s faithful companion – her cat. He does his very best to help her get her spells vaguely right and is always there to pick up the pieces and comfort her when they go awry – which they invariably do.

PERSNICKERTY is Heckerty’s cousin. She is everything Heckerty isn’t – elegant, impeccably dressed, she smells of lavender and old roses. She hates her nickname “Snick” and she irritates Heckerty because she’s always criticizing her untidy cave and messy clothes. She’s determined to smarten her up.

ANGELICA is Persnickerty’s cat and as snooty as her owner; sleek and shiny, she spends most of her time purring at herself in the mirror. Zanzibar stays away from her because she spiteful and he’s often been scratched by her red-painted nails when she hisses and tells him he smells of old sardines.

Round and cuddly, BREWSE is Heckerty and Persnickerty’s cousin. An expert chef, she’s the owner of the famous Cordon Black Cooking School. Her cauldron cookery and “Brewse’s Stews” are legendary and she recently won the renowned “Bubbling Cauldron Award”.

FIDO is Brewse’s friendly blue dragon, who breathes flames. As there are no matches in Spellbound, Fido’s incredibly useful to have around the Cauldron Cookery School and when she’s performing magic spells. He lives with Brewse who takes good care of him because he can be dangerous when he’s got a cold!

CATERINA owns the Caterpillar Café where she specializes in fish dishes. She also runs The Cattery where witches board their cats, most of whom would love to stay forever because Caterina always has lots of left-over fish and mice from the parties she caters.

CALLIOPE the cat is named for the Greek Goddess of poetry and has a magical singing voice as well as a delicious purr. She is extremely self-confident and very proud of her stripes which can change color if she gets wet. Caliope can often be heard singing to the cats staying with Caterina at the Cattery.

Everyone in Spellbound looks up to THE CHIEF WIZARD who is very strict and sets very high standards. No bad witches or wizards are tolerated. He doesn’t like carelessness or untidiness, and that makes life very difficult for Heckerty.

MR. SPOODE lives undisturbed and incognito at the back of Heckerty’s cave, where his family has been in residence for over 300 years. He’s infinitely wise and unflappable, and always willing to help in a crisis – of which there are many.

Leslie the Lizard is mischievous and full of fun. He spends his days darting from one place to another and popping out quickly to say hello. You never know where he’ll turn up next!

Stickles the hedgehog is best friends with the hairbrush. Stickles has such bad eyesight that at first he thought the hairbrush was another hedgehog. Both of them  love to dance and are perfecting the waltz before moving on to the tango.

Skeet is the Snail Mail Man. He carries large bags of mail on his shell as he slowly and faithfully delivers the Spellbound mail.