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Children’s Technology Review — Editor’s Choice for Meet Heckerty

Children’s Technology Review — Editor’s Choice for Meet Heckerty

Review Excerpt: This eBook for iPad tells the story of Heckerty, a zany, rather silly witch who is trying trying to improve her beauty for a passport photo. She’s not helped by a bad case of the warts, snakes that live in her hair (just touch to find them) or eyebrows that crawl around her face in a rather creepy way. Some of the visual effects are a bit unsettling, but they’re offset by Heckerty’s humorous tone. In typical ebook fashion, you can swipe through the pages one at a time, or you can touch left/right broomsticks to manually turn the pages. In the read-to-me mode, the text is gradually revealed to the reader, in scroll-like fashion. Subscribers, please log into our database using your password to read the full review along with our rating, and see why this received our Editor’s Choice Award.

Children's Technology Review -  Meet Heckerty Oct12 Story

Children’s Technology Review

Autism Speaks Lists Meet Heckerty as one of their recommended Autism Apps

Austism Speaks – Meet Heckerty

Heckerty is a gentle, zany, 409 year-old green-faced witch made famous by England’s famed Royal Storyteller, Ann Rachlin. With a heart of gold, Heckerty finds the world confusing and makes mistakes as we all do — the wonderful interactive illustrations and superb narration bring her to life as a character and a real friend.

Watch as your child learns reading and vocabulary while playing with Heckerty, along with important life values like  inclusiveness, caring and loyalty. Most important, he fun keeps bringing kids coming back for more and more!

An Editor’s Choice by Children’s Technology Review, a Mashable Kids Pick and rated as a “must have” by The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Meet Heckerty is definitely an app your kids will love.


Austism Speaks Meet Heckerty

Autism Speaks Meet Heckerty

Heckerty makes AZEC12 appearance in Arizona!

What fun it was to be on stage at Arizona’s AZEC12 conference yesterday talking about Kickstarter, and our experience is bringing me to life!

Jan was asked to take part by Francine Hardaway and Joan Koerber-Walker and it was simply great to meet up with her dear friends Robert (@Scobleizer) Scoble and the ever-so talented Bill Reichert from  There’s something so satisfying about appearing on the same platform with people you’ve known and admired for years. Thank you Francine and Joan for having us. And thank you Robert and Bill for your friendship and advice.

And Jan even thanked me – you can see me on the stage!


Me and Jan on stage at AZEC 12


Robert Scoble and Jan


Bill Reichert and Jan


The Fashionable Bambino Meet Heckerty

An Enchanting Halloween App For Kids!

Halloween is supposed  to be a fun filled holiday, but sometimes finding kid friendly entertainment can be hard.  A fun brand new app for kids is perfect for even the youngest child. This enchanting story of a 409-year-old witch Heckerty and her cat Zanzibar wasn’t designed to be a Halloween tale, but it’s still the perfect way to entertain young children without the scare factor…This award-winning app works on all iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire devices so no worries about finding a product for it to work on.

The Fashionable Bambino An Enchanting Halloween App For Kids!

The Fashionable Bambino says Heckerty An Enchanting Halloween App For Kids!