Love From Heckerty

#3 #3 #3 #3 #3 #3……….

Today #3 is the best number in the whole world!

Click on and you’ll see why.

Because AT THIS VERY MOMENT I’m #3 in Best Sellers in Amazon Education in the free category and I am looping the loop and defying the ground!!

It all started this morning when I was stirring my cauldron and making breakfast. Suddenly Zanzibar looked up and said quietly, “Heckerty – we have a problem.”

I don’t like problems, not today not ANY day – but when I looked at Zanz he had this funny little smile. “Come and see,” he said. So I did. And there it was!!

Halfway down the page – there was ME!!!

“Happy Easter Zanz,” I yelled!!

“Happy Easter, Heckerty,” he said — and we danced round and round.

And we’re still dancing!!

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