Love From Heckerty

Good, entry-level app

Kirkus Review – Meet Heckerty

Good, entry-level app!

An elemental story of a forgetful witch. Heckerty is a frightful witch. Not in terms of behavior but…let us be honest, it’s her face. All those spots and warts, and her Brillo-pad hair doesn’t help. Today, however, she has to have a photo taken for her passport, and she is in close consultation with her cat, Zanzibar, about a spell to make her presentable. Her spell book has gone missing, so she has to wing it, which is a big mistake. But really, what’s wrong with a green face full of spots and warts when Heckerty is such a sympathetic creature? Not to mention that readers can paint her face blue, purple or a dozen other colors, along with her hands, coat, shoes or socks. Kids can read along or alone or use the book simply for coloring purposes. The vocabulary sometimes outruns the target group—“Zanzibar,” for one, and “lizard” and “cauldron”—but those are good words for children to look forward to. The joy here is in the interaction. The colors are saturated, and there are many little creatures to let loose and run about, plus wiggling ears, rolling eyes and floppy heads. There is enough variety here to give the story some lasting power, but not great quantities of it.A good, entry-level app, gratifyingly easy if also easy to move beyond. (iPad storybook app. 3-5)


Good, entry-level app