Love From Heckerty

“Soup of the evening – beautiful soup”…..

I was feeling hungry but I didn’t know what to make. Zanzibar wanted sardines but I didn’t have any – or so I thought. No, I had to make something else, something different, something warm. But what to do? Outside the cave the snow has been howling for days now, and there’s very little in the storeroom. If I tried to magic something, it’ll probably go wrong again. Oh me, Oh my. What shall I make, what shall I do?

Zanzibar took one look at me and went to his usual place, behind my broomstick. He looked over the twigs and stared at me.
“Why are you going to cook,” he said.”You always get everything all over the place, you make a terrible mess around the cauldron, and then you spill food all down your coat. Why bother. Magic yourself full and that’s the end of it. Especially if I can’t have sardines.” And he disappeared behind the broomstick so only the top of his hat was showing.

Much as I hate it, I have to admit he’s right. I am awfully messy and I do spill food all over me and all over the cauldron. But then I had a GREAT idea! “What if the food I make is the same color as my coat?” I asked Zanz. “That way if I spill down myself, no one can see…. what a BRILLIANT idea!!!” I was so pleased I did a little dance all around the cauldron.

Then I hurried to the storeroom to see what I could find.

It was cold and dark out in the storeroom and because of winter and the snow our pile of food had shrunk to just a few vegetables. And the way the blizzard was howling round the cave, I wasn’t about to try to go shopping or to magic anything at all. With my luck I’d magic all the veggies AWAY and then we’d have nothing.

I took what I could find and lined them up in a row. Not a very long one either.

3 carrots

2 parsnips

1 large turnip

1 large onion

and a jar of round yellowy things in a sweet syrup.

I put all the veggies in the cauldron with some water and waited for it to bubble and steam. To my amazement it smelled fantastic. I cooked and stirred and muttered, and muttered and stirred and cooked. And all the time the bubbles bubbled and the steam steamed and my hair got curlier and curlier and the cave grew very warm.

“There,” I said. “It’s done.” Zanzibar came out from behind the broomstick and standing on his back legs, peered over the side of the cauldron. “It does smell good,” he said. “I have to admit Heckerty, it smells great.”

We both tasted the mixture. It tasted ok but it was very thin. “What can we do?” I asked Zanz. “We need it to be thick and warm.” Zanzibar went into thinking mode and I started flipping through my Cauldron Cookery Book again. “I think we need a spell, Zanz.”I said. “I think we do too,” said Zanz, looking very uncomfortable. Not surprising – my spells usually go wrong and Zanz was getting more and more nervous.

“Leaf of Oak, and dust of brick
make my soup so warm and thick
thick and warm just like a coat
lip of worm and tongue of goat
Flunkadee! this spell’s so quick
Now my soup is warm and thick!”

That should do it, I thought and looked around for Zanzibar.

“Zanz” I called, “where are you?” For he was nowhere to be seen.

“Oh noooooo, Heckerty” he said popping up from behind the broomstick. “Did you have to say “thick and warm just like a coat? Look in the cauldron and see what you’ve done!! Oh Heckerty!” he moaned and ducked down again.

I looked in the cauldron expecting to see a thick warm orange soup. Instead I found a thick, warm orange scarf. A very long, thick, warm orange scarf.

“Dratted tadpoles,” I said. “Now what?”

Zanzibar came out from behind the broomstick and dragged over my spellbook.

“See Heckerty,” he said – what you needed to say was “Dragon’s spit and hair of stoat.”

Hmm, I thought – so what do I do with the scarf?

“Leave it in there,” said Zanzibar – reading my mind like he always does. “We might be able to fix it. Let me think.”

Zanzibar curled up and began muttering to himself. Honestly, I think he’s more witch than cat sometimes. Then he smiled, stretched and grinned.

“Got it Heckerty” he said,”you just need to flip the spell round a bit and see what we have.”

So I did, and this time with Zanzibar’s help I recited:

“Leaf of Oak, and dust of brick
make my soup so warm and thick
Dragon’s spit and hair of stoat.
lip of worm and tongue of goat
Flunkadee! this spell’s so quick
Now my soup is warm and thick!”

I looked in the cauldron – and there it was. Hot, warm, delicious soup – the same color as my coat.

I was just about to taste it when Zanzibar tapped on my shoe. “Add these,” he said handing me the jar of yellow things in syrup. “It’s ginger and it’s delicious.”

I threw the ginger into the soup and mixed it all very well – and then tasted it. It was magnificent – I say so myself.

Then I decided to make a version of it you can make – you’ll find the recipe in my Cauldron Cookery Book. It’s called “Heckerty’s Spill on your Clothes and it Won’t Show Soup.”

Soup of the Evening – Beeeeyoootiful Soup!


2 Parsnips
3 Carrots
1 large onion
1 large turnip
1 package of vegetable broth
2 heaped tbs pickled ginger (preferably sweet)

Scrub and clean the veggies and then cut them into chunks.

Place in deep pot with 2 cups of water and package of vegetable broth(32 oz)

Bring to boil then reduce heat and let simmer until all the veggies are soft.

Add the ginger to the pot with syrup.

Put the liquid and veggies and ginger into a blender (or place hand blender in pot) and puree til thick.

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