Love From Heckerty

Two fairies, five pixies and a green-faced witch!



I’ve been to a marvelous wedding! Yes, even witches go to weddings! After all there are some traditions when the bride and groom jump over a broomstick, so it makes sense I’d be there. Anyhow – this wonderful wedding was in Great Fosters – an Elizabethan Hunting Lodge that I remember well! They say Anne Boleyn was here and the Queen herself. There are certainly some lovely old Elizabethan areas such as this door:


They weren’t very tall in those days. They had very low doors – because the people were smaller! But I think it was actually to Keep Witches Out! Getting through a very low door with a broomstick is NO easy task I assure you!


We had a fabulous time. The couple were very happy and all my friends came to visit me too! As for the two fairies, five pixies and a green-faced witch – I’ll give you a hint!  I’m the Green-faced witch!!


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