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Concentration? Snap? Heckerty’s New Game!

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Today in Dallas,  Zanzibar and I released our first game, Heckerty’s Concentration & Snap at Jeff Hayzlett’s C-Suite conference It reminds of when used to play this game when I was a young witchkin, over 400 years ago. A digital version is coming soon — but in case you’ve forgotten how to play – here’s a description of the two games and the rules to play them – both help improve memory and reflexes (and are a lot of fun!!)


Heckerty’s Concentration:

Win by collecting as many matching pairs of cards as possible. You can have as many players as you want – you can use all the cards or use only your favorite cards to keep the game easier for younger kids.

Get the rules for Heckerty’s Concentration.


Heckerty’s Snap:

Win by collecting all the cards in the game. You can have as many players as you want.


Show me the rules for Heckerty’s Snap.

Play Heckerty’s Concentration

The rules for Heckerty’s Concentration are simple:

  • Place the Heckerty cards face down in rows forming a large rectangle with about an inch of space between the cards.
  • The first player chooses one card and turns it over (without moving the other cards!) The same player then chooses a second card and turns it over. If the two cards match they make a pair — the player removes both cards from the game area and plays again. If the cards don’t match they are turned back over and the next player goes.
  • The second player thens turns over one card. If the player sees that it matches a card turned over in an earlier turn then the player must try to remember where that matching card was, and then turn that card over. If the two cards match, the player removes both cards from the game area and plays again. If there’s no card match, both cards are turned back over and it is the next player’s turn
  • Continue playing until all the cards have been removed from the game area. The player with the most matching pairs is declared the winner. Then play again … and again… and again!